Go Behind the Scenes of Stanley's Star Wars™ Series


Yes, Ryan Smith, Senior Industrial Designer at Stanley, is a huge Star Wars™ fan. He’s seen every Skywalker™ saga and Star Wars Story film, and all the season one episodes of The Mandalorian (multiple times). He’s read more than a few Star Wars books and he keeps an X-wing™ fighter next to his computer. Being a part of the Star Wars Series by Stanley project is definitely a career highlight, he says. 


“Lucasfilm reached out to us because they thought our general aesthetic meshed well with the Star Wars galaxy,” Ryan explains. The goal was to create a collection that reflected Stanley’s legendary quality and celebrate the hit Star Wars series The Mandalorian

This meant developing custom artwork with a distressed effect that reflects the ominous, gritty tone of the series—where conditions are harsh, and enemies are everywhere. The brushed stainless-steel finish is a nod to the beskar steel used to forge the Mandalorian’s armor, the Razor Crest, and the Child’s carrier.
“We worked closely with the team at Lucasfilm to make sure each item was something fans would be excited about,” Ryan says. To inspire the artwork, he was given confidential access to photos of the props used in The Mandalorian


As Ryan developed the artwork, he considered how it would integrate with each Stanley product, so there was a natural synergy.

“We chose the Trigger-Action Mug for The Child because it plays off the shape of his hover pram,” Ryan says. The trigger-action feature also hints at the carrier’s lid. 

The Quencher’s large capacity fits the idea of a legendary warrior going off to battle and needing to stay hydrated. The Mythosaur insignia and Mandalorian alphabet on the front represent the Mandalorian’s rich history.

“For The Mandalorian™-inspired Bottle, we went with our Classic Bottle for an easy-carry option that’s also car-cup holder compatible.” Graphics are placed in a way that invites exploration—with a sketch of the Mandalorian’s helmet wrapping around the bottle, his mantra running along the side and the mudhorn insignia on the cap. 

As you’d expect from Stanley, each item features our legendary thermal protection and lifetime warranty. And they’re dishwasher safe. 

Like all highly sought-after bounties, the Star Wars Series drinkware by Stanley is a limited-edition offering. So, be sure to capture The Child-inspired Trigger-Action Mug, Legendary Warrior Quencher, and The Mandalorian™-inspired Bottle before they leave our galaxy.