The Force Is Strong With Star Wars™ x Stanley

It’s no secret that we at Stanley love Star Wars™. So, we were excited to work on adding to the collaboration to celebrate Star Wars Day (or May the 4th). No one was more thrilled than Stanley’s biggest Star Wars fan, Senior Industrial Designer, Ryan Smith. For this collection, it meant paying tribute to the original trilogy and a chance to bring some of his favorite childhood characters to life in Stanley style.


The 1970s and ‘80s Star Wars films are the ultimate classic, and it was important that the artwork stays true to that iconic nature, Ryan explains. “We wanted to provide an interpretation that was, from an illustrative standpoint, also classic.”

Looking at Art Deco movements, neoplasticism and Bauhaus architecture, it began by ‘deconstructing’ and simplifying each character. Simple shapes featuring horizontal and vertical lines were used to create a pattern-like textile effect for the artwork. Select splashes of color and subtle nods to key movie moments are also cleverly integrated throughout. “We collaborated with Lucasfilm to deliver the most accurate representation,” Ryan says, hinting: “If you look [closely] at these bottles, you’ll find [a lot of] details from the first movies.”  


The final collection pairs five of the most beloved Star Wars heroes and villains with legendary Stanley products that can be to taken on any adventure.

C-3PO Water Bottle (25 oz.)

If there’s ever a scene that reminds us of the need for hydration, it’s watching C-3PO™ trek across the sand dunes of Tatooine with his companion R2-D2™. This bottle’s wide mouth is made for chugging water (or filling with ice) and there’s a connected cap so you won’t lose your parts. The gold finish celebrates the droid’s iconic color.

Look out for: C-3PO’s exposed wires and circuitry featured across the artwork

Take it with you: To hot yoga, hiking, or exploring desert planets

R2-D2 Flip Straw Jug (40 oz.)

The large capacity cylindrical body of this jug reminds us of everyone’s favorite astromech droid. It’s meant to keep drinks ice cold and fresh for hours, and the star feature is a built-in straw that flips up for easy sipping and snaps shut to stay leakproof.

Look out for: The hits of black and red representing Artoo’s lenses, as well as a special tribute to his rocket boosters

Take it with you: On the job site, to football practice or carrying around rebel base camp.


Luke Skywalker Rebel Pilot Mug (16 oz.)

Painted to match Luke’s flight suit, this mug features an illustration of his X-wing and is built for bumpy rides and rough terrain. The NeverLeak™ lid prevents spills, and it’s also car-cup (and ship-cup) holder compatible.

Look out for: The training orb from Luke’s early days as a Jedi-in-training. There’s also a special blue dot representing his X-wing copilot R2-D2.

Take it with you: On road trips in the RV, commuting to work, or piloting rebel space missions.

Darth Vader Vacuum Bottle (1.1 qt.)

From the Sith Lord’s helmet down to the buttons on his chest panel, we dug deep into the Jedi Archives to pull all the details for this bottle. Even if you don’t take your coffee on the dark side, the double wall vacuum insulation will still keep it piping hot for hours.

Look out for: Colors that hint at Vader’s lightsaber hilt and blade. There’s also nods to his prototype TIE starfighter.

Take it with you: On ski trips, to camp outs, or conquering the galactic empire.

Stormtrooper Food Jar (24 oz.)

Inspired by the classic white armor of the Imperial Stormtrooper™, this food jar keeps your meals hot and secure until you’re ready to eat. The insulated lid also doubles as a bowl.

Look out for: A hidden blaster in the artwork pattern.

Take it with you: On picnics, in your lunchbox, or just to feed your fandom.

The Star Wars™ x Stanley collection launches this May the 4th and is only available for a limited time. Grab your favorites before they disappear to a galaxy far, far away.