Mix and Match Your Stanley Quencher Tabs to Fit Your Style

One of the best features about your 40oz Stanley Quencher is the 3-part lid. It features a rotating cover with three positions:

  • An opening for the reusable straw
  • An opening for sipping your favorite hydrating beverage
  • A full-cover top to prevent splashes

Simply twist the colored tab on the top of your lid to your desired position.

How to Swap Your Tab

Now, for those of you who want to mix it up – because, you do you – you can personalize your Quencher with a new colorful tab to suit your style! Follow these steps to swap your current Quencher tab:

  • Remove the straw and screw off the lid of your 14, 20, 30 or 40oz Quencher.
  • Turn your lid upside down; pinch the pieces holding your tab in the center of the lid, pushing it outward to dislodge it from the lid.
  • Pop! You’ve successfully removed your tab. Reverse the process to insert your preferred tab.

Now the only question is, which one(s) to use first?

Be sure to tag your Quencher’s new look on social using #HydrateWithStanley and #StanleyQuencher.