7 Ways To Enhance Your Spring Wellness Routine

Refresh your wellness routine this Spring with 7 tips! Move more, try new recipes, and elevate your self-care game.
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Written By: Karla Tafra

Spring marks the transition from the cold weather into the warmer part of the year, and it’s often considered to be the perfect time for a detox, reset, and a fresh start. Longer and sunnier days bring on a variety of spring foods and activities, changing your lifestyle from hibernation mode to outdoor play and a notable increase in your energy levels.

As much as this sounds amazing after a few months of cozying up under a blanket, it includes a variety of new wellness needs that need to be addressed, from increased hydration to making sure you’re staying well nourished. Here are some of the best wellness tips for spring you can easily add to your routine.


Warmer weather means a higher sweat rate, which increases your risk of dehydration. This is where paying attention to your water intake becomes even more important than during the winter months. Whether you do the urine color test or simply go by your set daily water goals, keep your water bottle with you at all times, and ensure you’re staying hydrated.


Eating fruits and vegetables that are ripe in the spring is always the best way to go, as that’s when they contain the highest amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other powerful plant compounds that support and optimize your health and well-being. It’s also when they taste the best, so you’re definitely getting the best of both worlds. If you can, shop at your local farmers' markets and minimize the time between the produce being picked from the soil and your plate. Farm to table at its finest especially with a durable food jar!


Getting at least seven or more hours of sleep per night is not only a general recommendation, it should be a rule. During sleep, all of the cells in your body get to recharge, reset, recover, and regenerate, allowing all of your functions to get properly optimized. Sleep deficiencies and sleep deprivation can have a drastic effect on everything from your immune system and mental health to your daily energy levels and digestion.

Starting with a tech detox, get rid of all blue-light emitting screens at least an hour or two before bedtime, avoid late-night meals, switch to decaf after 2 p.m. find the best ways to unwind, and avoid any activities that stimulate alertness. Our bodies’ biological clock will naturally want to slow down as the day comes to an end, and keeping it stimulated goes against it, potentially delaying sleep and causing sleeping issues.

Implement as many relaxing techniques as possible and focus on getting high-quality sleep every single night. Your body will be rested, recovered, and ready to tackle everything you throw at it.


With nicer weather around the corner, use the opportunity and spend as much time outdoors as possible. Studies show all the benefits that fresh air and increased vitamin D exposure bring to the table, from supporting your immune system and improving your mood to lowering stress and relieving anxiety.  

Get into the habit of taking a walk to work, spending your lunch break outdoors, scheduling a walking work meeting, or using the opportunity to participate in a new outdoor sports activity like hiking or outdoor running.  


Stress is called the “silent killer” for a reason. It builds up slowly in your body, increasing inflammation, lowering your immune system's response, and overwhelming your nervous system. The result: an increased risk of infections and diseases, a constant state of alertness, hormone imbalance, insulin resistance, and oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

Managing your stress levels is one of the most important tools to add to your spring wellness routine, as it helps you transition into the new season with ease. Whether you take up yoga lessons and start a meditation practice or spend a few nights a week soaking in a hot tub, it doesn’t matter as long as it helps you calm down.

We live in a constant state of fight or flight and our bodies feel the pressure on every possible level: physical, mental, and emotional. The only way to allow ourselves to rest and recover is by managing our stress levels. In turn, we’ll have more energy and a more positive mindset, we’ll be able to digest our food with more efficiency, and we’ll even sleep better.


Staying active and moving your body is important year round, but come spring, it helps improve your body’s natural detoxing process. It even helps minimize annoying allergy symptoms as it lowers your overall inflammation. Engage in a fun new sport, take your running outside, or go for longer walks - everything counts!


If it were possible to get all of the necessary macro and micronutrients from food alone, we would be dealing with a dramatically lower number of diseases worldwide. Unfortunately, with most people’s poor dietary choices, as well as the state of our highly-depleted soil, it’s almost impossible to get all the vitamins and minerals we need to thrive without the help of supplements.

Luckily, there are so many great supplement brands on the market that help improve your health and wellness from the inside out. Always choose a brand that uses no artificial ingredients or unnecessary fillers, gets tested by a third-party service, and potentially allows for customization so you can get the exact doses your body needs to hit its necessary levels for the day.

From vitamin D and high-quality omega-3 fatty acids to magnesium and zinc, almost everyone is deficient in these important micronutrients, and smart supplementation is key to supporting your body’s functions.

Before starting any new supplement, talk to your healthcare provider and ensure you’re making the best choice for you and your health condition.


From hydration to better nightly slumber, there are many different areas of your wellness that need to be carefully assessed and improved to support your health and well-being. Transition into warmer weather the right way and prioritize your wellness routine.


Karla Tafra, a Croatian content creator, yoga teacher, nutritionist, writer, and brand consultant, has been residing in the US for 7+ years. She has collaborated with various brands such as Nike, Gymshark, Adidas, Lululemon, Gaiam, Bodybuilding.com, Sakara Life, and W Hotels worldwide. Additionally, she served as the official off-season yoga teacher for the Seahawks and conducted health and wellness seminars in Facebook, Google, and Pinterest. Despite having a master's degree in law, her true passion lies in working with health and wellness brands that strive to enhance people's lives. She lives with her toddler in Bellevue, WA.