How to Prepare a “Camp Cook Kit”: Memorable Meals During Your Outdoor Adventure

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Outdoor adventuring may look and feel a bit different these days, but outside aficionados are finding ways to be one with nature and enjoy the outdoors. Whether you’re a traditional camper, a stargazer or waterfall chaser, clearly, there’s more than one way to camp.

No matter your camping style, you’re going to get hungry – and thirsty – out there. Whether you are planning an overnight camp, a backyard camping experience with the family, or a glamping weekend getaway, Stanley camping cookware & gear is built for making high-quality, tasty meals and for sipping and swigging fire-side.

Outside aficionado Nolan Berg shares his tips for preparing the perfect “Camp Cook Kit” to help you get “outside ready” this season. 


Get Organized – Prepare a “Camp Cook” Kit

If you’re like me, you love your gear just as much as the adventure. During the Winter, I organized and updated my camping gear kits. My system includes my beloved “Camp Cook Kit,” a must-have for every traditional and non-traditional camper.

Cook Set Essentials for Your Camp Cook Kit

This kit holds essential items that ensure my family and I enjoy a great meal. One of the biggest space savers is my Stanley Adventure Even-Heat Camp Pro Cook Set. It is compact and holds three high-quality pots and pans that allow you to control your heat and feel like an outdoor chef.

I use this in combination with the bowls, plates and sporks from the Adventure Full Kitchen Base Camp Cook Set. This set is a perfect starting point for camp cooking because it has everything you need for making tasty meals - and it packs up into a nice compact bundle for storing when done with use.  

Hot water being poured into the Stanley Perfect-Brew Pour Over.

Coffee Gear for Your Camp Cook Kit

There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee first thing in the morning, but it’s that much better when you are sitting lakeside at your campsite on a Summer morning. My favorite coffee gear is the Classic Perfect-Brew Pour Over Set – easy to use, and brews great coffee anywhere your adventure brings you. Best of all, it is zero waste!

When it comes to preparing coffee for on-the-go adventures, you need a great mug for enjoying hot coffee on a walk or kayak outing. I prefer my 20-oz. leakproof Classic Trigger-Action Travel Mug for its sleek design and promise to keep my coffee hot for hours.  

Barware Musts for Your Camp Cook Kit

There’s no better way to unwind after a day of camping than with an adult beverage by the campfire. My Master Unbreakable Hip Flask is a must for those nights with either friends or family by the fire. 

If you happened to forget to pack your bottle opener, try the Stanley Classic Bottle Opener Beer Steinthis smart stein has one built right in.

Camping is that much more fun when you’re prepared. And when you’re done with your trip, bring your Camp Cook Kit into your home kitchen – all of your favorite gear can be used to make a mean meal at home, too!

I’ll raise a stein to your camping adventures this season – have fun out there!