Reinventing A Classic: Introducing A Bigger, Stronger, And Better Stanley Classic Series

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It’s not easy to reinvent a classic, but we took on the challenge. When the best could use a refresh, our team at Stanley didn’t want to create a new legend, we just wanted to give the hero a clean shave. You know, like when a super hero gets a new cape? We did something like that.

After months of fine tuning, we’re proud to unveil the improved Stanley Classic Series Collection-- brand spankin’ new for spring 2019. With bigger volumes, stronger durability and better usability, the Classic Series, most recognized by its iconic hammertone green finish that you know and love, has been the go-to vessel for generations. Your granddad may have kept coffee in his Stanley bottle on fishing trips, your dad may have taken that same bottle to his jobsite, and you’re probably still taking that bad boy camping with your pals.

By now, that bottle probably holds more stories than it does coffee. It’s been a badass bottle and we’re not telling you to get rid of it, we’re just here to let you know that there’s a new kid in town. Our latest edition of our classic series is cut from the same cloth and is ready to take on new adventures with you, regardless where the road takes you.



We’ve heard your Stanley stories. We’ve read your reviews. We’ve seen you and your bottle in action, and we took all of those things into consideration when creating an improved series.


The Stanley Classic vacuum bottles and jars now feature increased capacity, without needing to increase the overall size of the vessel.


Just when you thought a Stanley was fit to survive a zombie apocalypse, it got even burlier. With the updated construction comes an increase in durability and overall stronger bottle.


We told you we’ve been listening to you. We’ve added in the features you’ve been asking for such as a new pour thru stopper design for a smoother pour, and a redesigned handle for better grip. All off these things combined bring you an overall improved drinking experience.

What’s The Deal With The Winged Bear? Who Is He? Where Did He Come From?

Everyone’s got a good bear story to tell. We’ve heard them all. Even the one about the guy that hit his wife with a Stanley bottle instead of the bear, knocking out his wife in all of the madness. His wife doesn’t believe that there was a bear in the first place, but she probably doesn’t remember much about the night after getting slugged with the Stanley. In case you’re wondering, this is a true story.

The new mythical bear logo is inspired by you and all of the people that make Stanley the legendary brand that it is today. The new logo will be featured on our products to signify the tall tales, amazing stories and long-lasting memories that have followed Stanley products throughout the last century. From reeling in the fish of a lifetime to fending off an inquisitive mountain lion at the picnic site, the winged-bear is there to remind everyone that the best stories are often shared with friends over a beverage or meal.