Tips For Bass Fishing In The Spring

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Springtime is undoubtedly my favorite time of the year to bed fishing. As air and water temperatures begin to rise, it makes me want to get out and fish. As soon as water temperatures start to stabilize early in the year fish began to move to shallows typically and fishing is always great. Here’s a few general tips that will definitely help you locate a bass during the spring.

  • Move around! During the spring fish are very active and ready to eat. As the water warms their metabolism increases and food is priority. I suggest not spending too much of your time in one area. Move around and cover as much area as possible looking for active fish.

  • Use moving baits I like to use moving baits like crankbaits, jerkbaits and spinnerbaits to help me find active bass. My favorite colors are combinations of shad colors and craw patterns as well. Chartreuse white, pearls white are great colors for crankbaits spinnerbaits and jerkbaits. My typical crawfish patterns are always hues of red, browns and green and typically my choice for crankbaits when fishing around rocks and laydowns.

  • Look for Transition areas Bass typically use migration routes to transition to spring spawning grounds. These locations can easily be found by using a lake map or GPS. If you don’t have either it’s ok! Any visual inconsistency on the shoreline will typically hold a bass. I like to start by fishing around long points adjacent to spawning areas. Most bass species spawn around flat shallow areas once the water temperatures reach around 60 degrees. Targeting any structure just outside of these shallow flat areas is typically time well spent in productive water.

  • Enjoy the experience- When you’re out on the water, don’t forget to take some time to enjoy the experience. Take a moment to admire the beauty of the outdoors while sipping out of your favorite Stanley mug. 

I hope this helps you catch more bass on your lake river or pond.

Brian Latimer is champion of the 2019 FLW Tour at Lake Seminole. For more tips on catching bass check out his YouTube channel.




I’m Brian Latimer, an FLW angler from Belton, South Carolina. My favorite thing in the world to do is to travel the country bass fishing with my family. The outdoors has always been and always will be my greatest passion and it’s my mission to encourage the next generation of outdoorsmen.