Reaching Mindfulness Goals with Help from Your Stanley

As you work toward achieving your personal goals this year, it’s important to remember to take breaks and enjoy the moment. Whether it’s with hot chocolate, tea, or coffee, enjoy a quiet moment with a warm beverage in hand to reflect on your day and recharge for the tasks ahead. Or heat a round to share with loved ones in your Classic Stay Hot French Press and enjoy a bonding moment with those important to you.

Here are three ways to help you be more mindful this year:

Use A Mindfulness App

According to app developer Appinventiv, the number of meditation app users has risen by more than 300% since 2012.

With an increasing number of meditation apps available, it’s easier than ever to take a meditative moment wherever you are. Prepare a cup of steamy decaf coffee for your GO Everyday Tumbler and unwind.

Enjoy A Warm Beverage Away From Your Computer Screen

Nearly two-thirds of the US workforce has reported screen fatigue from increased screen time during the pandemic. Remember to take breaks away from your computer throughout the day and take a moment to reflect and reset. Pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy a moment of window watching with your Legendary Camp Mug in hand.

Spend Time Outdoors In Nature

Just 30 minutes in nature a day can increase your mood, well-being, meaning in life, and mindfulness, as well as increase creativity and decrease stress and attention fatigue. Plan a walk in the woods or through your local park – bring along your Trigger-Action Mug to keep you warm for the journey!

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