What is EQL, and why is Stanley introducing it?

EQL is a commerce solution that delivers better launch experiences and gives fans more access to in-demand products.  

The goal is to provide our customers with an equitable opportunity to get the Stanley they desire, while easing the pressure of rushing through the checkout process. 

EQL’s end-to-end technology eliminates bots and minimizes reseller behaviors to create a fair entry process that maximizes your chances of getting the product you love. 

To learn more about the entry process, view the following video: How to Enter an EQL Launch.

How does this improve the customer experience?

More customers have the chance to buy the desired item because: 

  • EQL creates a fair drop that is reliable and secure. 
  • EQL helps eliminate bots and fraud. 
What is Run Fair®, and why is this important?

Run Fair is EQL’s certified technology that ensures a fair drop every time.  

  • Easy to enter. Once your new EQL account is verified, you can enter any EQL-powered drop with any brand in just a few clicks.  
  • Faster checkout. No waiting room and no queues. 
  • Only humans can enter a drop. All entries go through multi-step security verification to confirm you are human.  
  • One entry is allowed per person. Duplicate entries are disqualified. 
  • Drops are always secure. EQL utilizes the best-in-class security (SOC 2 compliance) and adheres to GDPR standards to make sure your information is safe and secure. 

For more information, visit EQL’s Run Fair and EQLizer technology

How do I enter an EQL-powered drop for the first time?

Sign up for notifications 

  • For an upcoming drop, go to the product page for the drop date and a countdown timer on  
  • Click the GET NOTIFIED button to receive a Stanley email notification. 
  • Stanley will email the entry link when the drop window opens. 


Create a new EQL account & submit your entry

  • Once the drop window opens, it’s time to create your new EQL account.  
  • This is a separate login from your Stanley account. 
  • A new account can only be created while the drop window is open.  
  • On the drop product page, click the ENTER NOW button.  
  • From the prompt, choose the ENTER AS A NEW USER button.  
  • Fill out your personal details, including your full name and address.  
  • Next, enter your payment and shipping details. 
  • Make sure your credit or debit card is in good standing and has adequate funds to prevent any issues with your entry. 
  • Review and accept the Terms and Conditions.  
  • Submit your entry by clicking the ENTER DROP button. 
  • The first time you enter an EQL-powered drop, you will need to verify your email address.  
  • Verifying your email confirms your entry. 
  • Verifying your account helps to confirm you’ve entered the drop fairly. 
  • You will be prompted to enter the verification code sent to your email.  
  • To enter the drop, click the VERIFY EMAIL button. You’re in!  

What happens next?  

  • Within 24 hours, you will receive an email from with the results of your entry. 
  • If you’re selected, the card you have on file will be processed for the total amount of the retail item + shipping. 
  • If you weren’t selected, you’ll be notified by email and your card will not be processed. 
  • Stanley will fulfill the order and shipment of your item. You will also receive an additional email with the order confirmation. 
  • For questions regarding the status of your order, please contact Stanley’s customer support. 

For more information about entering an EQL-powered drop, please reach out to EQL’s support team at   

How do I enter Stanley’s EQL-powered drop if I already created an EQL account with a different brand?

If you've entered an EQL-powered drop before, choose the LOG IN WITH EQL button. Then, you can either: 

  • Enter your username and password.  
  • Or choose to get a login link emailed to you. 
Do I have a better chance of being selected if I enter as soon as the drop opens?

You have the same odds of being selected regardless of how soon you submit your entry while the drop window is open. 

Can I submit multiple entries to increase my chances of being selected?

No. We want everyone to have a fair chance of getting the products they love. For each drop, only one entry per person is accepted. Entering multiple times does not increase your chances, and duplicate entries will be disqualified. 

How do I know if my entry was successful?

If you are selected for a drop, you will be notified by email from You will also receive an additional email from with the order confirmation of your item. 

Why was my entry not successful?

After the drop window closes, EQL will send an email with the results of your entry. If you did not win, it means your entry was not selected for this limited-edition drop.  

If my entry was selected, why was my order canceled?

Having your entry selected does not guarantee the order being fulfilled. Sometimes, orders are unsuccessful because the method of payment is declined due to the following: 

  • Flagged for suspected fraud 
  • Insufficient funds 
  • Incomplete or incorrect information 

A canceled order occurs when the payment fails to process. EQL does not send declined payment notifications. If your order is canceled, please contact your financial institution’s customer support for more information. 

Am I charged a fee to enter?

No. It’s free to enter, and no hold is placed on your card. Your card is only charged if your entry is selected after the drop window closes.

Why do you need my credit card details when I enter?

Credit or debit card details are required to:  

  • Verify your identity. 
  • Check for fraudulent activity on the card. 
  • Confirm you are human. 
  • Complete your purchase so your order can be delivered.  

These security measures are Run Fair® certified to create a fair drop for everyone.  

Am I purchasing a drop item from EQL?

No. While EQL provides the technology platform to manage the drop, Stanley will continue to fulfill and ship all orders placed on  

For more information, visit Stanley’s Terms of Sale

If my entry was selected but my payment didn’t go through, can I contact Stanley’s customer support to resubmit my payment?

No. Due to limited quantities, Stanley is unable to resolve payment issues once an order has been canceled.  

How do I pay if my entry is selected?

If you are selected, the card you entered will be charged the retail price + the shipping you agreed to when submitting your entry. 

Why do I need to provide my personal details to EQL?

Personal details form a unique ID tag to prohibit bots and multiple entries from individual accounts.  

For more information, visit EQL’s Privacy Policy and FAQs

Can I cancel my entry before the drop window closes?

Yes, but only if the drop window is still open. 

To cancel your entry, return to the drop page, and make sure you’re logged in. Click the CANCEL MY ENTRY button, and follow the prompts.  

How will I know my order has been canceled?

You will receive a cancellation email that confirms your entry has been removed from the drop, and you will not be selected or charged for this drop item.  

Can I cancel my entry once the drop window has closed?

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel your entry after the drop window has closed. Once an entry has been confirmed, it means you’ve agreed to purchase the product if your entry is selected and approved.

Can I return a drop item once it’s been delivered?

A drop item has the same Stanley return policy. We accept returns of unused, undamaged items, returned in their original packaging, and purchased from the Stanley website within 30 days.  

How do I stay in the know about future product releases?

Sign up for email and SMS notifications at

Follow stanley_brand on IG and stanleybrand on TikTok. Enable notifications for news about future drops.