Can you describe the culture at Stanley? What is your favorite part?

Valuing people is part of our company culture – and our people strive to be innovative in our products and help inspire changes we want to see in the world. And that is my favorite part! At Stanley, our day to day work is challenging but also rewarding because we are tireless in our pursuit of continuous improvement and products that delight our customers, while also staying focused on sustainable actions and initiatives to leave the world better than we found it through our employees’ active participation.
What inspires you? (inside of work, outside of work)

My inspiration comes from feeling challenged in a cultural environment that matches my own beliefs. This is the perfect blend to keep me motivated inside and outside of work. I feel I have the wings to create with limitless possibilities, and constantly think of innovative solutions. At Stanley, I have the opportunity to support and lead initiatives that improve and transform the way people live: our employees, consumers, and the community around us.
How does Stanley fit into your life?

First and foremost, I am a Stanley consumer. And similar to our customers, I am a big fan and an ambassador of the brand. Stanley is part of my day to day life – I use Stanley products when I work out, play soccer and foot volley, at work, and at celebration moments with family and friends. 

What is a favorite memory/accomplishment from your job?

When I was recognized for my work with migrating a manufacturing unit to another state. I am very proud to have been part of the team that took on this enormous challenge. I also had the opportunity to identify new solutions that had never been carried out within the company and which improved our production efficiency. This is not about the money, but being valued for the endeavors, commitment, and accomplishments that I achieved. I feel fulfilled and recognized by the dedication and efforts I put to create new solutions, improve results, and contribute to business growth regardless of the obstacles imposed by the recent pandemic and economic situation of our region. 

Tell us how you’re able to be a creator, builder, or inventor in your role?

When I accept a challenge and push myself to think differently, I feel I am being a creator, builder or inventor.
What’s your favorite Stanley product? Why?

No doubt the GrowIer for hydration. I practice foot volley and the nearest water point is far from the beach court where I play. Thus, my Growler ensures the right amount of water to keep me hydrated during the whole match.