A Day on the Town with the Stanley All Day Collection

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Just like you, Stanley is on-the-go. That’s why Stanley is introducing a new category of products fit for moments made richer by food and beverage: The All Day Collection.

The All Day Collection is a set of soft goods built for comfort, function, and style. It’s a result of innovating to fit the needs of you, our versatile consumers, who need a cooler cooler that’s unlike anything currently on the market.

Gone are the days of having to choose between functionality and aesthetics when choosing a soft-sided bag; the All Day Collection allows you to have both. Comprised of the Quencher Carry-All, the Julienne Mini Soft Cooler, and the Madeleine Midi Soft Cooler Backpack, the All Day Collection is our first foray into soft goods.

Coming to stanley1913.com this April, this collection is perfect for days spent soaking up Spring. Make the everyday extraordinary - be a tourist in your own town and live your best life with quality food and beverage in Stanley’s All Day Collection. Here’s how!


Morning Walk to Pickleball

Start the day on the town with a leisurely stroll before you take on the sport of the season: pickleball. With The Quencher Carry-All, a wrap and strap for your favorite 40oz tumbler, you can be hands-free as you walk to the court with friends and hydrate during your match.

Not only can you use the Carry-All to tote your Quencher, but you can also use it to securely store your phone, keys, and other essentials. The Quencher Carry-All features a storage clip, a stretch mesh pocket, as well as phone, card, and sunglass-sized pockets. Just wrap the band around your Quencher and secure the double snap closure, then you’re ready to hit the court with on-the-go hydration. With all your items in tow along with your favorite tumbler, your hands are free to carry your lucky paddle.


Park Picnic

As midday rolls around, reach for your Julienne Mini Soft Cooler. Perfect for a picnic with friends or family, the Julienne can keep sandwiches, fruit, and your favorite beverages cold for hours. You no longer need to sacrifice style for function when choosing a soft cooler bag.

Not only will the Julienne Mini Soft Cooler keep your colds cold for hours, but it’s also engineered for on-the-go days. Easy-carry top handles and a detachable shoulder strap make the Julienne comfortable to tote around the city all day long.

Be the picnic MVP by supplying ice-cold sodas, seltzers, and snacks. Load up with some reusable ice packs and treat yourself and friends to a picnic in the park.


Drinks at Sunset

With Spring comes sunsets. Whether you’re watching at the beach, the park, or even atop a mountain, any sunset is better with quality food and drink. At the end of your day on the town, the Madeleine Midi Soft Cooler Backpack will have your goods chilled and ready to share with friends or a loved one.

The Madeleine Cooler Backpack is versatile; it’s sleek enough to bring to the office, comfortable to wear on a walk around the town, suitable as a carry-on for your flight, and insulated to keep food and beverage cold all day. The Madeleine also has a front zipper pocket and a rear pocket to keep your valuables safely stored wherever you go.

To cap off a day spent venturing around the city, hit your favorite sunset spot with a significant other or some friends. From a bottle of wine to salads to charcuterie, the Madeleine backpack can carry anything you need to share the joy and turn each day into an extraordinary one.

How are you using the All Day Collection in your day to day?

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