How-To: 7 Steps To Perfect French Press Coffee

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Not everyone is a barista, and that’s OK. Let us help you become your own coffee connoisseur for those times when the café feels so far away. Don’t let its size intimidate you, the 48 oz Classic Stay Hot French Press is perfect for caffeinating your whole crew, or as your trusty work from home sidekick. Stanley’s own Daniel Hill, Head of Creative, uses it every day and has shared his seven step process to make it perfect every time.


By Daniel Hill


Get your water boiling, measure it out to make sure of the ratio of grounds to water. For the 48 oz Stay Hot French Press, we recommend 40 oz / 1200mL of water.

Your water should be just under boiling temperature at 195F / 90.5C.

Tip: Do not use distilled water, the minerals in the water are what is being stained by the coffee. This is why coffee in Italy and Seattle tastes the best as they have similar soil.


Measure out your beans; this can be done by volume or weight. For mild to medium smooth coffee, use a ratio of around 10:1, or ½ cup of whole beans. If you like stronger coffee, try ¾ cups.


Coarse grind your beans using a burr grinder, but don’t let them sit for too long. The longer the grounds sit, the more they oxidize, affecting the flavor of your coffee.

Tip: Burr grinders do not transfer heat into the beans like blade grinders, keeping the flavor of your coffee as it was intended by the roaster.


Pour the grounds into the press, then add your 195F water.


Stir to make sure the grounds are properly soaked.


Place the plunger on top of the brewing coffee, do not press yet. Set a timer for 4 minutes.


Push down the plunger and pour into your favorite Stanley mug.

Even More Tips To Brew Like A Pro:

The main thing that really make coffee taste bad is old beans.

Anyone that says they love the smell of coffee but don’t like the taste simply hasn’t found their perfect brew.

How To Fix Bad Coffee:

-My coffee tastes bitter-

  • Water temperature is too high
  • Grounds are too fine
  • Coffee beans are old (ideal time to use is one day to two weeks after roasting)

-My coffee is too strong-

  • Steep for less time
  • Use less beans
  • After plunging, transfer from your press into an insulated bottle to stop the brewing process

-My coffee is too weak-

  • Steep for more time
  • Increase the amount of beans
  • Switch to a finer grind




The Stanley brand has a rich 100+ year history. Born from inventor William Stanley Jr. who forever changed the way hot drinks were consumed, in 1913 he fused vacuum insulation and the strength of steel in one portable bottle, inventing the all-steel vacuum bottle we know and love today.