Bianca Gois Holding A Stanley Cup


Describe the culture at Stanley in three words or phrases?

All voices matter, be yourself by challenging standards, and going big together. We care about the people, the communities, the world.
What brought you to Stanley? What keeps you here?

The invitation to create with limitless possibilities brought me to Stanley and keeps me here. During my recruiting process I was asked about what challenges me the most. My answer? Reshaping the future. I feel challenged every single day by the possibility of enhancing employees’ experiences and going beyond what is expected. I feel the spirit of Creators, Builders and Inventors are part of what I am, and consequently what I do in Stanley.
How does Stanley give you opportunities to keep pushing yourself, to grow and explore?

I consider myself a learning on the fly person. Therefore, Stanley offers the perfect environment to let me try different approaches, learn, and improve. We have a collaborative team, working towards the same purpose. We are engaged and strive to offer the best experience to consumers. Stanley culture pushes me and drives me to be my own best version every day.

What is some advice you would give to someone who is just joining Stanley?

Be yourself and open to exploring all new possibilities the company can offer to you. Let your wild imagination come to life, celebrate achievements, engage and collaborate with teams across divisions and regions, challenge yourself, and enjoy the journey! 

Tell us how you’re able to be a creator, builder, or inventor in your role?

I work in the People team and my job is to create an environment and build conditions to allow people to be their best, using their talents towards Stanley’s objectives. I feel we are constantly creating new ways to allow people to evolve and develop in their roles, while we build new competencies and abilities to keep our business growing.
What’s your favorite Stanley product? Why?

This is such a hard question to answer. I feel like each product is my favorite depending on what I am doing or where I am going. During the work week, I can’t live without the Quencher to keep me hydrated the whole day. Coffee must be served in the mug. I love hot coffee and the mug is perfect to keep it as hot as I love. On the weekends, I use the Pints. They are present in all moments of celebration that I have with family and friends. While the Flip Straw goes with me to the beach, under the hot sun, filled with ice cold water, which stays cold the entire day.